During the quarantine, we all miss seeing our friends, family, and coworkers at our own disposal. However, just because we are remaining indoors doesn’t mean that we can’t still interact with our loved ones.

Zoom, an app designed for multi-personal video chat, has become a hit amongst large friend groups and families. People have been gathering via Zoom video chat for conference calls, family events, and lectures, both university style and high school style. Some people have even been using Zoom to set up events such as happy hours, holidays like Passover, and some even plan on doing exercise classes over Zoom. This has been a quick way for people to continue to socialize. FaceTime, meant exclusively for Apple users, has also been a way for people to remain social with each other, all through video chat.

Social media started as an additional way for people to stay connected, but given the quarantine social media has changed in its ways to connect with people. Social media challenges have started for people to not only share the same meme or photoset with each other, but it’s a way for people to further connect with each other while we are all going through these unprecedented times.

In addition to social media and video chat, streaming sites have even made the option for us to be able to watch the same movies or shows as another person without being with each other. Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension, allows for multiple people to simultaneously watch a Netflix movie or show without being together. The way it works is that all members must have an active Netflix subscription. Then, the host sets up the “party” with a link that can be shared on Facebook Messenger, and anyone invited can click the link and join the “party.” The host controls the pause/play/fast forward/rewind controls, and chat box opens on the side of the screen for the party members to chat about the movie or show they are watching. To make the party even more entertaining, some people even video chat during a Netflix Party session to actually get the feel that they are with each other while watching Netflix.

With the help of social media and video chat, we can remain connected with our loved ones all while staying indoors and staying safe.

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