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Your Health Wealth & Happiness explores the truth and facts within and beyond the confines of your health, personal wealth, and individual happiness. We have one goal; to bring you the information you need to live a healthy, wealthy, and happy life. We find simple tricks to improve your health, and long term goals to stay on top of it. In the new age of ever expanding technology, there is an unending supply of new recipes, health care improvements, new operations, machines, vaccines, cures, research, even robots, and more. Keeping on top of Your HWH is crucial to living the best life possible. Cheers to growing a more health, wealthy, and happy lifestyle.

Faizan Haq

Faizan Haq

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Brittany Maxwell

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Brandi Aurelio

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Lauren Antkowiak

Lauren Antkowiak

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Katy Siwirski

Katy Siwirski

  • Copy Editor

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Riffat Sadiq MD
  • WNY Medical
  • Raul Vazquez MD FAAFP
  • Urban Family Practice
  • Dr. Joe Serghany MD
  • Western New York MRI
  • Dr. Sonya Noor MD FACS
  • Buffalo Endovascular & Vascular Associates
  • Philip L. Haberstro
  • Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo


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