At the time of writing this article The Buffalo Bills have a 9-3 record, putting them in the 5th seed in the AFC Playoffs. With four games left in the season there is still time for the Bills to improve their playoff position. However, the last four games of the season will be the toughest stretch the Bills have faced all season as they will play three of the other five teams that currently hold playoff positions in the AFC. Even though there is not much time left in the season there are still many playoff scenarios that could occur.

With the Bills going through their toughest stretch of games so far this year it is also possible they will drop in the playoff standings, or potentially drop out of the playoffs altogether. If the Bills win at least two of their remaining four games including a victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers, they should solidify their spot as the 5th seed. But, if the Bills lose three of their next four games, including the game against the Steelers it is possible that the Bills will enter the playoffs as the 6th and last seed, which would put them on the most difficult path to potentially reaching the Super Bowl. In a Doomsday scenario where the Bills lose all of their remaining four games it would be highly likely that they would not make the playoffs at all.
The next scenario is the Bills win all of their last four games, beating the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots and Jets.

This would end their season at a record of 13-3, which would be the first time they reached the 13 win mark since 1991. However, this would still leave the Bills as the 5th seed in the AFC, due to the Patriots holding a tiebreaker over them for the division. So, in order for the Buffalo Bills to secure a home playoff game at New Era Field, they would need to have a better overall record than the New England Patriots. If the Bills enter the playoffs as the 5th seed, there are three likely opponents they will face. First would be the potential AFC West Champion Kansas City Chiefs. The last time these two teams played was in 2017, a game that featured neither Josh Allen nor Patrick Mahomes, so we are not able to use past matchups to see who would have the potential edge in this game. The other team the Bills may play would be the winner of the AFC South, which seems to be coming down to a battle between the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans. The Bills lost their most recent matchup against the Texans last season 20-13. This year they beat the Titans 14-7, however that was before the Titans changed starting quarterbacks. Currently, the Titans have won 5 out of their last 6 games.

The most likely scenario for the Bills to win the AFC East would be for them to win all four games, and the Patriots lose against the Chiefs. If this were to happen not only would the Bills win the AFC East, they would be the 1st seed in the AFC and secure a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Additionally, in this scenario it is possible that the Bills would host the New England Patriots at New Era Field in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.


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