By: Katy Siwirski

The frigid Buffalo winter may be in full swing, but the concerts are still hot, hot, hot! The most wonderful time of the year may have just passed, and funds may be tight, but it is important to take a break away from reality every now and again. Check out this list of shows coming to Buffalo and its surrounding areas this month.

A popular indoor venue in Downtown Buffalo is the Town Ballroom. On either (or both) January 17 and 18, you can view a performance from The Glorious Sons! The Glorious Sons are a Canadian rock band, originating from Kingston, Ontario. These talented folks have one EP and three full-length albums available for listening on various platforms. Their first album, Shapeless Art, released independently in 2013 as a five-piece band. Their hit single on the album entitled “Mama” reached #6 on the Canadian rock radio charts. They also re-released their EP single “White Noise” on this album, which reached #2 on the Canadian rock radio charts. 2014 came along, and the band’s success continued to grow. Their debut full-length album The Union was produced and released in June 2014. This album included remixed versions of their two hits from the previous record, as well as their hit singles entitled “Heavy” and “Lightning.” Overall, the album reached #3 on the Canadian rock radio charts. The popularity sure didn’t stop there. Their 2017 song “Everything Is Alright” reached #1 on the Canadian Alternative rock radio charts. Unfortunately, tickets for this show are sold out. You can find some heavily increased third-party tickets available throughout the internet. Please proceed at your own risk if you choose to purchase through a third-party source. If you were about to get tickets for this show, it will be one to enjoy!

A re-scheduled show for an alternative/electric pop band will be hitting the stage at Shea’s Performing Arts Center on Saturday, January 18. AJR is a set of compositions by brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met, hence the name AJR. These gentlemen got their career started in the living room of their Manhattan, NY apartment, beginning with covers. They transitioned into a sound that is heavily influenced by such popular artists as the Beach Boys, Vampire Weekend, Imagine Dragons, Macklemore, and Twenty One Pilots. The band released their debut EP in December 2013. By 2014, the band was named iHeartRadio’s “Artist of the Month” for the Top 40 January chart. Their EP, later re-named “I’m Ready,” now has over 29 million views on YouTube. Their fame hasn’t stopped there, though! Their third EP has, according to Spotify, their most popular song, entitled “Weak.” This song has over 400 million listens, as well as 54 million views for their official music video on YouTube. Long story short, this is a show that you won’t want to miss. Since this is a re-scheduled show from November, Ticketmaster does not have anymore tickets listed. However, third-party options for tickets are available at rather fair prices. As a reminder, please proceed at your own risk if you choose to purchase tickets through a third-party source. As one of their hit songs says, “Dear winter, I hope you like this song,” as well as the overall astounding performance!

On January 31, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra will be putting on a beautiful performance entitled, The Music of the Eagles. For those unfamiliar, The Eagles are an American Classic Rock band that formed in Los Angeles in 1971. This talented group of gentlemen is considered one of the most successful music groups of the 1970s, producing five number-one singles, six number-one albums, six Grammy Awards, and five American Music Awards. Needless to say, you’ll find people of many generations jamming out to their hits. I’d hate to be clique, but I’m a sucker for Hotel California. The song opens with a smooth acoustic riff, ultimately transitioning into a driven soft rock track with the help of percussions. The song transitions into a catchy jam, backed by their legendary vocalist Glenn Frey. Several other favorite include, but are not limited to, “Take It Easy,” “Life In the Fast Lane,” “One of These Nights,” and “New Kid in Town.” There have been a few line-up changes throughout the years, but the major member difference, or should I say depletion, is the death of vocalist and guitarist Glenn Frey in the beginning of 2016. Despite his passing the band is still continuing to tour and live on the legacy that is, The Eagles. Following a performance on their Hotel California album a few months ago, the band announced the Hotel California 2020 Tour that is set to take place in six cities between February 7 and April 24. Various tour dates can be viewed on the Rolling Stones website. Although the real band is not reaching Buffalo, I would say the next best thing would be to attend this beautiful rendition of the band, as performed by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets are available on the official BPO website, and are ranging from $39 to $75. This is one you won’t want to miss!

Don’t let the frigid winter cold hold you back from enjoying the steamy concerts inside warm venues. There are still plenty of shows that you can go see this month! If you see any upcoming shows that you would like us to mention, please write to us at


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