By Kristen Peek

We have all heard before that a person should drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. Water keeps the body hydrated and healthy. However, adding a little bit of natural sea salt to your water can provide even more benefits to your body and overall health.

Salt water helps with overall digestion and ridding the body of toxins. The natural salt pushes waste through the digestive tract and stimulates hydrochloric acid, as well as digestive enzymes in the stomach to help digest food.

Natural Salt has also shown to provide better sleep for some people. Stress is a leading factor in sleep loss for most people. Studies from the Journal of Neuroscience have concluded that salt helps to decrease stress levels. Having more sodium in the blood stream has led to a lower stress response, leading to less anxiety and furthermore, a good night of sleep.

Salt can also be very beneficial to a person’s skin. Natural salt contains minerals that can keep the skin looking healthy and younger. More specifically, chromium can help to fight acne and can reduce skin infections. Sulfur can help to keep the skin clean and soft. Iodine can increase the skin’s oxygen consumption and metabolic rate.

The best way to consume salt water is with warm water and pure salt (pink Himalayan salt or grey Celtic salt) mixed together until you cannot see any grains of the salt. You do not want to drink too much salt water everyday, as it will dehydrate your body and cause imbalance of electrolytes. Drinking salt water in the morning is the most ideal time.

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