You are so enamored with your significant other, all you want to do is lasso the moon for them. Sadly, your budget is begging you to stay on track and not go off the deep end again after recovering from the last holiday season. Here is a list of some ideas to take advantage of this Valentine’s Day.
1) Taking them out to dinner Now that doesn’t seem budget friendly to you, but if you scout it out right you may find some hidden gems in your area. For example, in Clarence there is a cozy old inn known as the Asa Ransom House. It is an historical treasure in this little town. Upon your arrival ask for their special menu that has a dining option for two. With this meal option you will receive courtesy bread, soup and salad plus an entrée each for roughly $50 before tax and tip. That’s not too bad for all that you get! The portion sizes are more than generous as well. You certainly will not go home hungry. Rates are reasonable, too, if you are looking to make it a weekend getaway for the holiday instead.
2) Flowers Now would it truly be Valentine’s Day without the cliché of obtaining flowers for your loved ones? Honestly, probably not. Look at the bouquets at your local supermarkets. Typically, your local supermarkets have a wide variety of flowers bouquets always available. What you might not know, or notice, is some of the markets have their affordable bouquets separated from the main flower displays. If you find yourself in a Tops or Wegmans these bouquets are normally found near the pharmacist areas. These are still very pretty bouquets at a fraction of the cost! You can get a lovely bouquet for about $4 before tax. Aldi’s slight competitive edge have similar bouquet options available for $3.99.

If you really want to impress them and not have store bought, support more locally with going to a local florist. Have the bouquet made for them and let them know your partner’s favorite flowers. The fact that you put the time in to have it made with those flowers will have them gushing in no time.
3) Make them a Card You’re thinking, yeah right Ms. Savvy Shopper, my handwriting is terrible! Well even if you have sloppiest of handwriting, there is nothing quite like having a personal message addressed to you. If you’re are truly worried about your handwriting type it up and look at getting it printed at a local print shop in the area to keep it looking professional. Some local businesses, like SunSpin Media, have affordable costs to print and design cards. Your loved one shall truly treasure the card you made and that you are helping support a local business at the same time.
4) Movie Night In These days, there are so many different options available for
to you to stay in and be super comfortable at home without being gauged with outrageous prices. Stay home, cuddle, and pick out a movie you both have NOT seen that you both have interest in. Are you too tired to watch a full-length movie? Find a brand-new TV series to watch together. There are a wide array of streaming services to find something that suits both of your needs at a fraction of the cost. You could pay for one streaming service for a month of unlimited movies, at the same cost of one ticket to go to the movies! Nothing beats the comfort of your own home and judgement free zone if you fall asleep. Just remember to buy the popcorn, your loved one’s favorite beverage and candy you can get from the Dollar Tree to munch on.
5) Learn a Dance Maybe you have two left feet, that’s okay. We all have struggles in our lives. The point of learning to dance is to sweep your partner off their feet with the effort you put forward. You may not be as smooth as those celebrities on Dancing with the Stars, but you could still have your own Moves like Jagger™. Set the mood with a great song you put a routine to by watching some YouTube lessons. They’ll be so impressed and thankful that you’ll be thinking why haven’t I thought of this sooner?
Whatever you decide to do, do it with love this season. Remember, it doesn’t have to cost a lot to mean a great deal. Simply saying Happy Valentine’s Day and allowing them to know you remember what day it is goes a long way. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with sponge candy for a true Buffalonian.
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Spoil Your Loved One and Stay on Budget this Valentine’s Day By: Canney Savanney
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