Buffalo may get a bad rep for it’s snowy winters but no one can complain about our food. Buffalo wings, Loganberry, Buffalo-style pizza. Even Wegmans! All of these places are pretty hard to live without. Which is why those Buffalo natives who move out of the Western New York area are having such withdrawals!

92.9 Jack FM found Bison Dip for $64 on Amazon! I don’t know about you guys but $64 for a four pack of Bison Dip is pretty crazy. I guess Buffalo natives really can’t live without it.

They also found two bottles of Loganberry for $18! That’s almost nine times their cost at Wegmans! Those poor Buffalo natives have to live without both!

Not to mention no Lloyd, Duffs, Beef On Weck, Spaghetti Parm, Ted’s Hot Dogs, and Paula’s Donuts. And of course, let’s not forget about Tim Horton’s.

We will keep you in our prayers, Buffalo abandoners!

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