The heart’s primary job is to pump blood through the arteries, delivering oxygen and essential nutrients to cells, while carrying away waste products for processing and disposal by other organs. Problems arise when there is a build-up of LDL (bad) cholesterol with fats and other substances on the inner walls of arteries. This buildup contributes to the formation of plaque. Plaque can create blocks in the arterial pathways, restricting blood flow or even blocking it entirely by forming a blood clot. Blood clots can block blood flow to the heart, leading to heart attacks. When a clot blocks flow to or in the brain, it causes stroke. Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries from this plaque buildup, is one of the most common forms of cardiovascular disease.
The good news is that by making simple healthy lifestyle decisions, you can help decrease your risk of heart problems. Evidence suggests that narrowing of the arteries can be slowed down, and sometimes even reversed, by eating a lowsaturated fat, high-fiber diet and by making other changes including not smoking, getting regular exercise, and reducing stress levels.
We at WNY Medical care about your health every step of the way. We have EKG machines and other heart monitoring equipment to evaluate your heart health. If you are concerned about your heart’s health, call your doctor, or visit our website, to find a convenient location near you.

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