Go For a Swim

If you or a close family member have a pool you can go swimming, since Covid-19 hasn’t been proven to transmit through water. However, if you decide to throw a pool party wear a mask and practice social distancing outside of the pool. Additionally, limit the number of people you invite.

Going to the beach or swimming at a lake may increase risk, but if you isolate yourself from others you can still enjoy the sun and the sand.

Neighborhood walks and Bike Rides

Walks are a great summer activity as physical activity is vital to strengthening your immune system. It’s a great way to keep you moving during the nice weather. Bike rides also provide the same safety and health benefits as walking!

Drive in movie theater

By visiting a local drive-in movie theatre, you can still enjoy the snacks and atmosphere of a movie theatre while in the safety of your own car. Plus, you don’t have to wear a mask while watching the movie!


Golfing is a great activity because it is easy to maintain social distancing standards. In fact, any non-contact sport/recreation can be enjoyed this summer.


If you go camping with those who live in your household it is a great option to bond in the great outdoors. Most campsites provide a decent amount of space between you and other campers, which is a plus. If you decide to camp with others, make sure to follow the 6-foot rule. That means separate tents and plans for enforcing the rule.

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