Are bugs going to make their big spring debut sooner than usual?

Experts have reported that Buffalo’s warmer than usual winter has caused for bugs to start coming out sooner than they should. Buffalo extermination company Good Riddance Pest Control has already reported having to solve two dozen cases of ants inside homes since the new year.

The unusual warm weather has led to be the center of the problem. The city has not experienced the usual amount of snow, and in fact has not experienced snow or freezing temperatures in several weeks. Usually, bugs die off during the colder months in the freezing temperatures, however many of them may still be alive.

If winter continues to be this warm, bees and yellow jackets may make an appearance sooner than usual. To be cautious, make sure you walk along the sides of your house, checking the roof line, gutter line, and foundation of your home, as this is where bees usually congregate.

To prepare for an ant invasion, here are some things you should know:

  • Never put bait down all over the house
  • Put the bait in the area where you see the ants and leave it there. The ants will share the bait with their friends and they will all begin to die off.

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