By Chloe Ferney

Like most holidays this season, it looks as though Mother’s Day will have to be celebrated a little bit differently. But there is nothing wrong with different! You can still celebrate in style and have a great time, it may just have to be through Zoom! Here is a list of ways you can celebrate your mother this year (from six feet apart!) 

Set up a Zoom call 

In order to set up a Zoom call, you will have to make an account. From there, you can invite hundreds of family members to join the call. So, whether your family has 10 people or 85, there is room for the whole lot. This call will allow you to still see everyone you normally would on Mother’s Day and gives everyone the chance to tell Mom how much they love her! 

Send her a photobook

Don’t all mothers love looking back at old photos? Shutterfly lets you create photobooks online and can have them delivered all over the country. They have tons of layouts so you can find the perfect one for you. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a photobook! Last year, I sent my mom a cookbook of all the recipes she has saved since she was young and included photos of holidays and family. She loved it! Maybe try out something extra special like that this year, since we can’t see each other in person. 


If you are living with your mother or if your mother lives with you, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to start your summer garden. Whether you choose to plant flowers or vegetables, spending some quality time with Mom is all that really matters. You can order all the supplies you need on Amazon, but if you choose to brave the stores, please wear a mask! 

Make a homemade gift 

With all this downtime in quarantine, there if more than enough time to create something special for Mom. It could be a tie dye shirt, a stuffed animal, or even a simple homemade card will do! Pinterest has a whole bunch of ideas you can scroll through and has the steps to teach you how to make them. This gift shows Mom how much you appreciate her! If you don’t live with your mother, you can mail it to her or drop it off, but again, please wear a mask and stay six feet apart! 

However you choose to celebrate will be great! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself because this year is certainly unique. Even if you just have an extra-long phone call with mom, that is still great. Just let her know you are thinking about her and you love her! Have a great Mother’s Day and stay safe, Buffalo!

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