Harvey Weinstein, 67, has been found guilty of criminal sex act and rape in Manhattan.


According to CNN, “The charges are based on Miriam Haley’s testimony that Weinstein forced oral sex on her in 2006 and Jessica Mann’s testimony that he raped her in 2013 during what she described as an abusive relationship.”


He was found guilty on one count of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree and one count rape in the third degree.


Typically, someone facing a charge for a criminal sex act in the first degree would face at least five years but up to 25 years in prison. One facing charges for rape in the third degree would face probation to four years in prison.


However, Weinstein was acquitted of the more serious charge of predatory sexual assault. This charge was involving both victims and carried a prison sentence of 10 years to life.


During the trial, four other women spoke about their own alleged attacks by Weinstein however they were only used to prove Weinstein’s pattern of sexually abusive behavior. This was because their attacks happened too long ago and could not be prosecuted under New York’s statute of limitations.


The jurors deliberated for 26.5 hours before coming to a verdict.


Prior to the verdict being read, at least 13 officers came into the courtroom and surrounded the room. After the verdict, Weinstein was handcuffed and taken into custody.


Weinstein will be sentenced at a later date.


Yet, this is not where his criminal cases end as he faces separate charges of sexual assault and rape in incidents that occurred in Los Angeles.

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