This past January was the ninth warmest January on record in Buffalo. The average temperature reached 33.5 degrees and our monthly snow totals were 12.3 inches below normal with only 13.0 inches of snow this month.


On January 11, Buffalo broke records with temperatures of 67 degrees by 9am. This then became the sixth warmest January day in Buffalo since records started in 1873. Who says Buffalo winters are terrible?


All jokes aside, these rising temperatures are cause for concern. Those who rely on the snow for work and business are feeling the heat. With less need for things like snow plows, people are losing income.


Additionally, these warm temperatures are yet another reminder of the climate change crisis our world is facing.


However, let’s not confuse climate and weather. If climate is all of the clothing in your closet, weather is the outfit you picked for today. So, while this weather is not exactly typical for Buffalo and likely will not remain this warm, it does indicate the alarming global warming issue we are in the midst of.


You may be thinking, “Only Buffalo faced this warm weather.” Nope! Overall, January 2020 was hit with a “heat wave” from the East Coast all the way to Eastern Europe. So even your friends overseas were breaking out their sunglasses this January.


In order to help in a global effort to stop climate change, consider doing a few small things in your daily routine. You can switch to reusable water bottles, coffee cups, straws, and shopping bags. You can use dish towels instead of paper towels. Or maybe go even simpler and turn off your water while brushing your teeth or doing the dishes.


We would say to stay warm Buffalo, but evidently we have!

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