Calling all cereal lovers! Your wishes have been granted!

On March 7, National Cereal Day, the first cereal bar in Buffalo will open its doors.

What’s a cereal bar? Located on Hertel Ave, The Cereal Spot will serve all different types of cereal. From your favorite, to your kids’ favorite, to your grandkids’ favorite, they have it all!

And what’s even better than cereal? Cereal in ice cream! The Cereal Spot also offers an ice cream bar where you can choose to add cereal into your sundae. Not into sundaes? Well, make it into a milkshake! The world is your oyster, or should we say cereal bowl?

Maybe you’re not a cereal person. Well, The Cereal Spot will also offer baked goods and coffee. There’s something for the whole family to enjoy.

Eric Dacey, Jason Lake, and Ranger Korpanty are the creators of this wonderland and were inspired by the city. They plan to have televisions playing old cereal commercials as to send you back in time.

However, keeping with the present, there will be a wall painted with cereal box characters so you can show off on your Instagram feed. Selfie away cereal fanatics!

In an interview done with WKBW, co-owner Eric Dacey said, “We’re gonna be offering so many different options that you can come in here 50 days in a row and have something different every time.”

Challenge accepted!

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