Are you a PEARL – a Person Experience in Adulthood, Requiring Less? Not a fledgling working on quiring things, but a seasoned adult whose home has become too crowded or too big? You’ve decided you want a simpler, more comfortable nest, but just can’t get started?

Enthusiasm wanes for many reasons, but usually because of feeling: overwhelmed by the thought of dealing with so much stuff; embarrassed by the thought of letting someone see how bad things have gotten; and/or guilty because scaling down feels like throwing away people, places, and parts of our lives we don’t want to forget.

Fear not! Senior Move Managers© help you to move beyond these feelings and into action. SMM’s provide services like packing, unpacking, floor-planning, and organizing, but they really shine at “right-sizing.”
Right- sizing is about identifying those things that fit your lifestyle and arranging them safely and comfortably in your new existing home. It’s also about making arrangements for the things that no longer suit you.

SMMs know how to breakdown projects into manageable tasks, are empathetic and non-judgmental, and provide gentle guidance when sorting through your treasures with you.

Change is never easy but using a Senior Move Manager makes it easier to get started. You’ll enjoy being a PEARL.

Lady Jane is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers© (

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