By Canney Savanney

Spring break is rapidly approaching for many students. The last time you checked, you had just enough money to buy a ©Timbit and coffee. Needless to say, that trip to Cancun is simply out of the question. Just because you are not flying to some luxurious grand destination, doesn’t mean you cannot have fun trying something new! Here are ideas that will leave you happy with your time spent in your hometown and your bank account not depleted.

1) Visit a State/Nearby Park

If you love hiking and are tired of staring at the wall while on the elliptical, then head outside and hit the hiking trails. Most local parks have hiking trails that are free to travel on. Make sure you dress for the weather. Buffalo can see all four seasons in the matter of a day!

2) Geocaching / Sweet Buffalo Rocks Hunts

When was the last time you pretended to go on an adventure searching for buried treasure? Here is an opportunity to go out with friends to find that hidden gem. Research online and find a local group in your area and get ready for some fun! While you are at it, create your own hidden treasure and go and hide it. Keep track as to who might find them as well.

While out geocaching, you might even come across some of Buffalo’s sweet rocks. These little inspirations are simply rocks that are hidden around the city and are painted or contain an inspiring quote. Come spring and summer time, this a very popular activity amongst the young at heart and growing families.

3) Indoor Water Park

Our spring months tend to be a bit too chilly to really hit the beaches with the family. So, if you just cannot seem to scratch that itch to get to a warmer climate destination, then check out an indoor water park. You can find indoor waterparks in Batavia, New York, Erie, Pennsylvania, and right over the border in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Make a day trip to one of these destinations with some friends or family, and imagine life in the warmth. It might be bitter cold outside, but the warmth of an indoor water park will have you eager for summer in no time!

4) Visit a local museum

Museums are a great activity to go and explore on vacation. Chances are, new exhibits have emerged since the last time you were there. Since the days of social media, museums have created more exhibits that are “Instagram worthy” of capturing. Make it a game with the family and see how many of those Instagram sites you can find to engage with the family or friends and capture the moments. Who ever finds the most, treat them to a ice cream cone.

5) Movie Night Marathon In

If you aren’t feeling the chilly spring day vibes, then consider making a movie marathon weekend. Rent 3 new movies that you have not seen to watch with friends or family. Get crafty and find some nice inspiring ways to make some movie trays from online for the whole gang to share. The best part is, you can press pause at any time without missing a beat of the movie!

Whatever you decide to do for your spring break, just know you can do plenty of things out there that cost little to nothing. If you have some different activities you like to do on spring break when on fixed income write in to and share them with your Savvy Shopper.

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