By Canney Savanney

So, it is that time a year again; Valentine’s Day, or for half the world, Single’s Awareness Day. The supermarkets and outlet shops are filled to the brim with hearts, chocolates and cuddly plush toys with googly eyes that pierce deep into your soul, yearning for your love and affection.

Everywhere you look, there are posters of advertisements or commercials thrown in your face about giving the gift of love and how to shower your significant other in this flashy manner. When you are on a fixed income, it is easier said than done. They deserve a little special treatment and acknowledgement of how you feel about them, even if they drive you up a wall sometimes. Even if you do not have someone to spoil, spoil yourself! You deserve a little pampering every now and then and do not need a partner to do it for you!

How though are you going to do this on a fixed income? Here are some ideas to help unwind and enjoy the “holiday” as they were meant to be. Sit back and enjoy these sweet tips.

1) Mason Jar Date Ideas

You’re not sure what to do with your partner for the holiday. Take an hour of your time one afternoon with the following supplies; a mason jar, a piece of paper, pen and scissors. Write down on that sheet of paper date ideas you and your partner like. Perhaps it is simple a walk through the park, building a fort out of blankets and pillows, going sledding or building a snowman. Not all the activities have to cost something. Sometimes the best gifts are the gifts that simply give you the best quality time with the other person. Cut those ideas into strips and store them in the mason jar. When it comes to the holiday, let your partner pick one out and that will be your plans for the evening. Heads up, it might be beneficial to have them make the selection a day or so ahead of time, so they are dressed for the occasion. No one wants to freeze making frosty, even if you do have some hot cocoa afterwards.

2) The “Old Fashioned” Make Them Something

Nothing shows you care more about your partner than by taking the time to make them something you pour your heart into. Granted, not everyone is good at arts and crafts, but it is the thought that counts! If you are worried that you cannot hand craft something, try buying or printing a blank card and leaving your own hand-written personal message in it. It will mean more to them than generic corporate message everyone else receives.

On top of that, try something simple. Check what you already have in stock in the freezer. If you are not the one who normally cooks, try making a nice gesture of giving them a break and cooking for them for a change. If you do not know how to cook and the books are not helping, try going to YouTube. There are plenty of tutorial videos on how to cook a simple meal.

3) Be Your Own Best Date

Take an afternoon to pamper yourself! Options include going golfing, watching a game, painting your nails or trying that new make-up mud mask you bought. It’s the time to just kick back and enjoy a glass of wine or beer. Turn on Netflix or Hulu and check out that one movie you have been postponing to watch. Simply take this time to enjoy taking care of you! Everyone deserves to take care of themselves, even on a dime’s budget. You are worthy of good treatment and you don’t need anyone to define your value. Make the most of your holiday by remembering to treat yourself how you would want someone to treat you. At the end of the day, you’ll be so glad you did as you feel valued and recharged to take on what the world throws at you.

Now that you have some ideas, it is time to put them into action! Whether those tips are for your partner, or for yourself, go do it, you will be grateful you did. If you enjoyed some of these tips, send an email to your Savvy Shopper and tell them about what you tried at or if you have any of your own unique ideas or want to share your testimony. Until next readers, stay savvy with your savings.

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