By Katy Siwirski

Now that winter is practically here, it is time to focus on the holidays and your surrounding loved ones. It is important to embrace friends and family during the holiday season. If available, it is quite typical to spoil your significant other during the holidays. This can elevate into the concept of “cuffing” season. Cuffing is best described as the psychological necessity to have a significant other during the holiday season, so that you don’t feel lonely or left out. This can also be beneficial for those chilly nights by the fireside, when all you want is someone to snuggle up with. Although it may seem like a good idea, at first, you should ultimately avoid it at all costs.

Cuffing season pretty much means that you are setting yourself up for heartache. Falling in love is always a risk, so doing it forcefully can be even riskier. On the bright side, think of all the money you will save by being single! You don’t have to worry about buying gifts for your significant other, and you can spoil yourself even more. If you break down the system logically, you will realize that humans do not particularly have specific mating patterns. It makes more sense to cuff in the fall/winter months because people are attending fewer events and staying indoors more than warmer months. It leads humans to believe that we do in fact have a mating pattern, giving a strong desire to cuddle up during the winter months.

Humans are guilty of feeling insecure at some point in their lives, but you do not want to become part of the insecure cuffing statistics. Cuffing, simply to have a partner during the holiday season, is a typical sign of insecurity. Avoid the fear of being seen as less just because you are single. Use this absence to get to know yourself better. The best way to find your soulmate is to be in touch with your inner self. There are thousands of other singles that are on the same boat as you, except you’re too busy being with someone for the season. Take the time to get to know someone, instead of just coming up with a temporary solution.

Cuffing season can work for some, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to join the club. Cuffing helps develop a physical bond with someone, and it will make the break-up more difficult in the end. If you are looking for something long term, you deserve that, and should avoid cuffing all together. If you do decide to take the risk, maybe you’ll get lucky and find your happily ever after. Or maybe you’ll just find a hot babe for the season. Give it a shot, and find out!

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