By Canney Savanney

When throwing parties, no matter what time of year it is, it can be eerily expensive. The most frightening part of it is looking at your statement when it comes in the following month. Fear not! The secrets have been shared to us from some ghoulish ghouls that let it slip from beyond the grave.

1. Use What You Already Have

It seems like a given, but, amongst the beautiful chaos that comes with any event planning, you forget to do the very basics. Put the brakes on for a minute and assess your current inventory. For example, are you thinking of doing a creepy crawly discovery bag? Spaghetti is your best bet for immitating worms for the little ones.

2. Check with Your Local Grocery Chain for Discounted Tickets

It typically costs money to do fun fall festivities. However, grocery chains and restaurants know that, and they have some of those activities tickets available for less than what you would pay at the door. Next time you are in a super market or fast food chain, check at the customer service desk or cash register about any holiday or special events promotional tickets. Usually, they will already have a flyer or brochure set out talking about the events.

3. Create Your Own Costume

You don’t always need to buy a costume for the holidays. Be creative! As long as you don’t have to modify your clothes too much for the costume, chances are, you will be able to reuse the piece once the holiday passes. Plus, it is fun to think outside the box and get crafty for a change! If you’re not crafty and do not want to spend a lot, check out a couple of your local thrift shops. There is always something you can put together there from donations by people over the years.

Take all these points into consideration and fly away on your broom with these saving ideas into the night sky. Remember, you do not need to go overboard for any holiday. Make the best of it and remember to have fun!

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