By Tehniyet Azam

In today’s world, everyone is busy and gender roles are frowned upon. I am a traditionalist at heart. I feel that it’s the woman’s role to take care of the family and their spouse. Here are a few things that I do for the men in my life to make sure that they are well taken care of. That being said, it is all about a healthy lifestyle and how you can help your partner to lead a healthy life physically and mentally.

Take care of his food:
Balancing work and home life is not easy but one has to do that for their loved ones. Always cook healthy food. Avoid processed food. We know that every household has different dynamics and time can be a problem so plan meals for the week on the weekend. Serve whole foods that are free from excess sugar and trans fats to keep the heart and body healthy. Home cooked meal that you can prepare together will give you a nice family time and it makes the meal more enjoyable.

Exercise with him:
Many people tend to be lazy when it comes to exercise. After a long day at work one might not feel like going to a gym. After you have rested for some time, go around the neighborhood or a nearby park and walk. Hold hands (or not) and talk about the day. Talk about what ambitions you have in life. Just focus on the positive things in life rather than how you two will pay outstanding credit card bills. Life is indeed filled with stress but when we exercise, it keeps our systems moving and the brain gets nourishment. Exercise is very important and should be done every day of the week. You can go cycling as a family in one of the many bike trails or at any local park and expend those calories!

Prepare lunch for him:
When you are working you tend to ignore your body and keep on working. Every night or before he leaves for work make sure that you pack a healthy lunch for your loved one. It shows you care for him, and he will be thinking about how blessed he is to have you in his life. That lunch will give him the energy to spend the rest of the work shift looking forward to spending the evening with you. Small things in life go a long way.

Encourage him to drink water:
In this day and age, we usually have desk jobs and we are hardly moving during the day other than lifting a phone. When we come home we usually sit in front of the TV or other screens. In all this process, because we are not doing any strenuous exercise we don’t feel thirsty. We need to drink at least 8 glasses of water to remain hydrated. We should encourage our loved ones to drink water as well. You can divide the total weight of your body (in lbs.) by 2 and that should be the ounces of water you should drink in a day. As soon as he wakes up encourage him to drink at least two glasses of water on an empty stomach. It will help fill them up, and give them a clear mind.

Understand their problems:
Men and women are very different when it comes to emotions. Men tend to show that they are strong and nothing is bothering them when in reality they might be going through something. They can get irritated and can say things. Help them by letting them speak what is on their mind, or have them write it out. Be their support system. By listening, you show them that you understand their problem(s). If they want space, give them
that space because everyone tends to take care of their problems differently. Women tend to express themselves about everything when it happens, but for men it can be the total opposite.

Overall, by taking these few points into consideration, you can help your man’s health in staying fit and focused. Relationships are a team effort, and should be treated as such. Treat your man the way you would want him to treat you. By doing so, you might just be able to help him increase his life span.

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